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Public Diplomacy (Presentation)

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  • Добавлена 22.10.2014
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They are wrong, because we are perfect, and we will go and tell everyone about it". This has been called "the battle for the people hearts". Richard Armitage, who worked as Deputy Secretary of State when Colin Powell was Secretary of State, asked how it could happen that a nation having brand communications, lost to the people who lived in caves (at that date Osama bin Laden, hiding in the caves of Afghanistan, was pursued).At a timethe shift from global domination to global leadership emerged in American politics and sociology. It has been growing in recent years, when the United States moved from a conviction or declaring to a campaign to improve their image and the struggle for the minds of people which attained the best results during the reign of Obama.Public diplomacy of the United States may be traditional and digital. Before the advent of the Internet, public diplomacy of the United States included such programs of impact on other states as informational propaganda carried out through radio and television; training of individual social and professional groups of people to create a loyal elite and distribution of American political culture through exhibitions, cinema, etc.The spread of the Internet has made it possible to influence foreign audiences through the following methods: placing radio and television programs on the Internet, distribution of literature on the United States in a digital format, monitoring discussions in the blog space of foreign countries, the creation of personalized pages of the members of the United States Government in social networks, and distribution of information through mobile phones. So, I fully agree with the statement of Manuel Castells, the essence of which is that public diplomacy is not propaganda, but much better and subtle way of influencing the opponent. Currently, public diplomacy is on the rise.Thank you for your attention!


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Формальный и неформальный styles of English имеет clear-cut определяется. The style of official documents includes the following substyles:

The language of business documents;

The language of legal documents;

The language of diplomacy;

The language of military documents.

The expression "дипломатический язык" may express three different meaning. The first sense means the actual language which is used by diplomatists in their converse ог correspondence with еасһ other. In its second sense it means those technical phrases which have become part of ordinary diplomatic vocabulary. And in its third, and most common sense it is used to describe that guarded understatement which enables diplomatists and ministers to say sharp things to each other without becoming поведении or impolite.

The chosen problem has появился to be very urgent, because the interest to the problem of drawing up contracts is not случайные. Очевидно, many people are участвующих in the world of political relationship and they do not communicate with their товарищей, не оправдав using phrases and bookish words. Still, they are obliged to use some формально clichйs which may sound strange to non-political people, but are essential for показывающий negotiations.

The object of the course paper is the style of diplomatic documents.

The subject is гостям features of diplomatic documents.

The aim of the research is to study the style of diplomatic documents.

The solution of the aim claims for doing away with a number of certain tasks, such as:

1. to point out гостям features of diplomatic documents;

2. to describe types of diplomatic documents;

3. to analyze лексический, grammatical, syntactical and stylistic peculiarities of diplomatic papers.

In order to solve these tasks we have used methods of изучение and analysis of theoretical literature and practical manuals on the problem, the methods of description, we have characterized peculiarities of diplomatic documents.

The results of the research can be taken into consideration by students and people изучение problems of style in English and functional usage of формальный и неформальный стили.

The report consists of introduction, two chapters, к такому выводу and references.

Introduction introduces into the subject matter of the research and includes the actuality, the object, the subject, the aim, tasks and methods of the course paper.

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