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A: Well, so be it. In any case, Juliet was almost fourteen. In principle, under certain conditions, and in our time, you can get married at this age…B: But it is necessary to take into account not only the physiological aspect, but also the moral one. You can not be like animals and consider only physiology.A: And if the parents do not object to such a marriage?B: The law is the law. Even if the parents do not object, the law prohibits it, so the parents ' opinion in this case is contrary to the law.A: But that's the question! Why did the law not prohibit this before, but now it does? Why was it that in the past poor parents could marry their twelve-year-old daughter to a rich groom, receiving a dowry and ensuring a happy life for both her and themselves, and now it is necessary to wait for at least her sixteenth birthday, and only in exceptional cases it can be fifteen or fourteen years, but in any case not twelve?B: Well, let's get married at all five-year-olds. There must be some boundaries.


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