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Concerning the various international criminal courts and tribunals, find the direct incorporation of terrorism in their Statutes.

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Due to the lack of interstate consensus on the definition of the scope and types of crimes for which States could be brought to international criminal responsibility, and due to disagreements over the content of the term "aggression", work on the project the Codex was suspended.In 1982, the ILC resumed work on the draft Code and in 1991 adopted in the first reading.The draft Code of crimes against the peace and security of mankind provided for in article 24 of the crime of "international terrorism" under which he understood to be "Committing a representative of the state or its agent the organization, promoting, financing, promotion, harboring act against another state, directed against individuals (persons) or property and create a situation of terror the consciousness of public communities, social groups or the population as a whole".This formulation partially repeats the definition given by the League of Nations in 1937 (...creating a situation of terror in the mind...). The Act, already traditionally, calls terrorism only activities carried out with State participation.


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