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What the University has Taught me.

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  • Добавлена 15.09.2011
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To my mind, this American newspaper and radio commentator managed to reveal the essence of real friendship. In spite of all doubts that other people are sharing with me, I am sure that friends are the most important “ingredients” in this recipe of life.
The last the University has taught me but not the least is optimism. I've become positive thinking person, because I'm sure as Buddha said, “we are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts, we make our world”. Negative thoughts and negative emotions need our attention and focus to stay alive. They can’t survive without our attention to them. If we ignore them and refuse to give them any attention, we are taking the life out of them and they will be eliminated.
There is no outside force that can affect our life unless we give that force power with our thoughts. The greatest power is within us, we should only learn how to use it and realize that for our life there is nothing mightier in this world.
To sum it up, I come to a conclusion that the University has taught me many most important things in my life, but there is virtue in moderation, so it’s high time to finish this essay.

The British language teaching

1. The Communicative Approach

The origins of Communicative Language Teaching are to be found in the changes in the British language teaching tradition dating from the late 1960-х годов. The writings of D. Wilkins, H. Widdowson, C. Candlin, C. Brumfit, K. Johnson and other British applied linguists on the theoretical basics for a communicative or functional approach to language teaching; the rapid application of these ideas by учебник writers; the equally быстро acceptance of these new principles by British Language teaching specialists, curriculum development centers, and even governments гав prominence nationally and internationally to what came to be содержание to as the Communicative Approach.essential characteristics of the approach имеет:

1.Most of the class time is pent on speaking activities. If the teacher presents a text orally or tells his learners to read it, this реагируют task is usually used only as a preparation for immediately introducing a speaking activity related to the text.

2.Only the target language is used in class.

.Most of the speaking activities practiced in class involve спонтанного exchange in unplanned discourse.

.The focus of all классе is on exchange of information and not on the language and its forms. Learners неверный utterances имеет also accepted by the teacher as long as it is relatively clear what they mean.

.There are no grammar explanations and exercises, no drills of any kind, no grammar tests. Grammar is должны to be acquired in a non-правомочными way, as a by-product of participation in various communicative activities in class. Only when there is a complete block of communication caused by the неправильно use of a language form, can the form itself become an object of the learners conscious attention and the teacher may try to explain in some way the meaning of this form.

.Learners errors, в частности, grammatical ones are not corrected by the teacher in any direct way. They are either полностью игнорируется or corrected in an oblique manner.

.The teacher is not the central figure in he классе and the only provider of обратной связи. Класс activities are often carried in small groups or pair with the teacher walking around, listening in and providing help when necessary.to the New Концепция of Education the main aim of teaching foreign language is forming in learners

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