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What is a work of art

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A true work of art has great influence on the mind of a man through the senses. And here the great role plays every detail: color, sound, posture of the character, building frame, etc. and so, but everything should be subordinated to a common goal. That is why the great artists has always thought through in detail their works.
Another criterion of a true work of art is its novelty and originality. The author must tell by his article something unexpected, surprising or exciting. That is why when we see real masterpieces of great and well known artist we feel that they motivate us to create something too. Great artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, and Michelangelo have created immortal works of art that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but enhance a sense of aesthetics and inspiration in the viewer as well.
But we can add that in a real work of art should be discarded all the unnecessary, unimportant - everything that could interfere with the perception of its main idea. It should be like a masterfully cut diamond.
A work of Art has the kind of special power because it can tap into and use our reflexive responses to natural, biologically relevant stimuli. We even are unable to control these responses since we do not realize what is happening. Indeed we need no special knowledge or sensory apparatus or experience to respond to a rythm, a tune, a series of bright colors, a monumental building, or a parade. We can all just be thrilled and soothed by a work of art and can’t find the right words for describing that. The process of perception of real art is rather unconscious and a masterpiece always appeals to something transcendental, belonging to all the mankind.
So we can concern the work of art as the deliberate use of some medium to communicate emotions or ideas between minds. The various forms of art such as paintings, music, dance, sculpture or any form are the artists’ exclusive ways of communicating through their creativity and imagination. The criterion of a good work of art lies in its ability to communicate the underlying idea, thought or feeling effectively.


What were the major causes of the First World War

International Relations and European Studies

What were the major causes of the First World War?

The second day of the 20th century marked the largest military cataclysm - World War One. Nearly two thirds of all people living on the planet at that time took part in the war. There were over 30 countries with half a billion inhabitants. The scale of the loss was overwhelming. Millions of people died from injury, hunger and disease while many were left crippled and раненый.world political and economic situation on the beginning of the 20th century вклад, greatly to the pre-war tensions and the beginning of the WWI. There is no certain country which can be considered виновником in the escalation of the conflict. The Anglo-German conflict, which was developed over the years, has the world divided into two parts. Tensions between the great powers увеличен both in economic and political spheres. There were several тенденции до первой мировой войны that in conjunction lead to the development of the conflict. There are four main political trends defined by scholars and politicians that influenced the beginning of the Great War. Those trends are: system Alliance, Империализм, Militarism, Nationalism.essay is an attempt to highlight and analyze the causes of the World War One and to determine how certain events and actions of different states and their authorities can influence the course of the world politics and the development of intra-state relations.formation of the alliances between the European states became one of the most важно causes of World War One. The 'Great War' began from the Balkan's War over spilled to most of the countries around the world in a short period of time. There were two main opposition alliances образуются before the War. The Triple Alliance included Austro-Hungary, Germany and Italy and the Entente alliance included Soviet Union, France and Great Britain. Those alliances the divided into Europe two антагонист blocks. In the number of international crises these two blocks действовали confrontational to each other. Более того, the countries inside of each block had promised to help each other when it was necessary. For example, if Germany had attacked France, Britain and Russia would help France but Italy and Австрия would help Germany, dragging into Europe a state of chaos and violence. Однако, первоначально Great Britain and France were enemies. These two countries united together with Russia because of their fear of Germany. The Entente alliance helped to исключает антагонизм между Britainand France. This particular configuration in the system alliance had led to the outbreak of the war.other важно reason for the beginning of the First World War was Militarism. When the system alliance, the world divided into two camps, Germany and Great Britain were in great competition to доказать быть самое полезное its imperial организатору. Both states had greatly увеличен their импульсивным in order to raise naval power. Each nation had tried to increase their military force. When one state had enlarged its military power and expanded the army, others states did the same in order to keep the balance of power. The

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